Watermelon Tourmaline Ring

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This is a Stunning and very unique Watermelon Tourmaline Sterling Silver ring, with the 14mm long crystal mounted vertically on top of the ring, putting the soft pink interior surrounded by the green exterior on display, the signature of a true Watermelon Tourmaline crystal.

Tourmaline is a crystalline boron silicate mineral compounded with elements such as aluminium, iron, magnesium, sodium, lithium, or potassium. Tourmaline is classified as a semi-precious stone and the gemstone comes in a wide variety of colors.

Usually, iron-rich tourmaline's are black to bluish-black to deep brown, while magnesium-rich varieties are brown to yellow, and lithium-rich tourmaline's are almost any color: blue, green, red, yellow, pink, etc. Rarely, it is colorless. Bi-colored and multicolored crystals are common, reflecting variations of fluid chemistry during crystallization.

Ring NZ UK Size: L

Weight: 7.1g


The following information is courtesy of "The Pocket Book of Stones" which we also sell HERE

  • KEY WORDS Calm, joy
  • CHAKRAS Heart (4th)
  • ELEMENT Water
  • PHYSICAL Supports the physical heart, eases stress, stimulates release of endorphins
  • EMOTIONAL Fills the emotional body with aradiance of joy, calms worry and fear
  • SPIRITUAL Stimulates the awakening of the true Self in the “higher heart”

WATERMELON TOURMALINE is a beryllium aluminum silicate with a hexagonal crystal system and a hardness of 7 to 8. Its crystals have pink centers and green edges. It is found in Brazil, Africaand the USA.

Watermelon Tourmaline is particularly well suited to working simultaneously with the physical, emotional and spiritual components of the heart. It can awaken the “higher heart” the energy center just above the heart chakra, also known as the “seat of the soul” Watermelon Tourmaline teaches one the meaning of joy—that unbounded happiness which is not caused by any external circumstance but is instead the natural condition of being. This is also the source of Watermelon Tourmaline’s capacity for healing.

When one is attuned to the natural frequency of joy, there is a resulting harmonization of all aspects of oneself, from the auric field to the physical body. Life may continue to bring its moments of sorrow, but even they can be experienced with joy. The perception of beauty almost universally experienced by those who see or touch a fine Watermelon Tourmaline is in part a connection with one ’ s own higher heart and the frequency of joy. Watermelon Tourmaline works harmoniously with Thulite, Oregon Opal, Andean Pink Opal and Pink Calcite. Satyaloka Rose Azeztulite and Rosophia contribute greatly to the activation of the higher heart. Ruby can bring an intensity of passion to Watermelon Tourmaline’s joy.

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