Petroleum Diamond Quartz (UV Glow)

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Petroleum Diamond crystals are actually top grade transparent clear quartz crystals of a double terminated shape. The faces are smooth and very lustrous without pronounced striations, making the inclusions incredibly clear. The most visible inclusion is the petroleum trapped in the cavities, It is usually bright yellow with some that are slightly brown. Some contain methane bubbles within the petroleum, some move, some are stationary. Although not very visible, a lot of the times, there is a small amount of water along the edges of the cavities. Many of these crystals also host black and brown Asphaltite, the group name for bituminous hydrocarbons. The Asphaltite can be found inside the Quartz with no fluid association and sometimes it can be seen inside the cavities along the petroleum.

This alone makes it a fascinating and extremely rare material. But on top of all that, it fluoresces bright yellow green under long wave and short wave UV. Unfortunately it is extremely difficult to capture this fluorescence on camera and it can be guaranteed that it will look much more astounding in person.

This particular AAA-Grade piece is pretty big at 17.4ct and seems to have it all, a patch of Asphaltite and numerous Petroleum inclusions with moving methane bubbles and the added bonus of some external growth striations on one face of one of the two points.

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Length: 21mm
Width: 16mm
Height: 9mm
Weight: 3.47g