Otodus Shark Tooth Fossil Pendant Medium

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This listing is for one medium sized fossilized tooth of an extinct species of Mackerel Shark, known as Otodus which lived from the Paleocene to the Miocene epoch. Sourced from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, this tooth is approximately 55 million years old. This tooth has a wire wrap fitting to be worn as a pendant or charm.

The fossils record of Otodus indicate that it was a very large macro-predatory shark. Scientists suggest that this shark at least reached 9.1 meters in total length, with a maximum length of 12.2 meters. Otodus likely preyed upon large bony fish, other sharks, and marine mammals. It was among the top predators of its time.

Average Size:
Length: 45mm
Width: 35mm
Height: 12mm
Weight: 8g

Each Tooth is unique and while they are all the same grade and approximate size, color may vary slightly than the examples pictured.