Orange Selenite Sphere

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This is a piece of naturally Orange Selenite (Satin Spar) sourced from Morocco which has been carved into a perfect sphere enhancing its natural shimmering luster.

Satin Spar is a form of Gypsum, which is composed of calcium sulfate dihydrate (meaning it has two molecules of water). It is often called Selenite, which contains no significant selenium; the similarity of names comes from both substances being named from the Ancient Greek word for the Moon. Selenite often displays a glassy or vitreous, pearly, and silky luster.

All varieties of gypsum are very soft minerals with a hardness of only 2 on Mohs Scale.

Please note that the Hematite Ring stand used in these photos is not included, these are sold separately here:

Length: 75mm
Width: 75mm
Height: 75mm
Weight: 524g