Natural Citrine Elestial with Mica & Uranium

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An AWESOME mix of Clear Quartz & Natural Citrine in the form of a Tabular Elestial Point which in itself is Very unusual, but there's more, this piece also has Mica inclusions and all along the bottom quarter of the crystal, it Fluoresces Bright Green under UV light, thought to be caused by a thin layer of Uranium!

This crystal is quite large and makes an awesome center piece in any office, healing room or home. The bright green glowing Uranium under UV light is quite a sight to see & a real conversation piece!

This is a very unique Brazilian crystal that was mined more than 20 years ago, shipped to NZ along with tons of other crystals and simply forgotten about, until I came across it about 3 years back. This piece has been in my private collection since then, now the time has come to let it go to someone else to appreciate it's stunning beauty & uniqueness.

We will include a free UV Light with the sale of this crystal so you can really appreciate all it has to offer.

Length: 180mm
Width: 150mm
Height: 270mm
Weight: 3.92kg