Mixed Rutile Quartz Chip Bracelet

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This is a stretchy elastic bracelet made from Mixed Rutile Quartz chips.

RUTILE is a titanium oxide crystal with a tetragonal crystal system and a hardness of 6 to 6.5. The color is golden yellow, reddish brown, red or black.

Most Rutile crystals are found in Brazil and Madagascar.

Bracelet Diameter: 45-55mm

The following information is courtesy of "The Pocket Book of Stones" which we also sell HERE

  • KEY WORDS Attunement, amplification,acceleration, expanding awareness, quickening manifestation
  • ELEMENT Storm
  • PHYSICAL Aids digestive system, helps overcome addictions
  • EMOTIONAL Inspires active, enthusiastic engagement with life; dispels passivity
  • SPIRITUAL Enhances meditative journeying, dream recall, link with higher realms

Rutile crystals are like radio antennas tuned to the frequency of Divine intention. They assist one in seeing the cosmic flow, thus allowing one to enhance synchronicities and experiences of grace.

Rutile helps one raise one’s antennae of psychic sensitivity. Rutile intensifies one’s capacity to sense good or bad “vibes” Just as it is an antenna, Rutile is also an amplifier.

It can magnify and accelerate the effects of one’s intention and is an aid to manifestation.

Rutile can amplify the energy of consciousness, opening access to the higher worlds. Similarly, Rutile is an accelerator, quickening the activities of manifestation, intuition, emotional catharsis, psychic opening, consciousness expansion, inter-dimensional travel, learning and the creative process.

It assists one in making leaps of insight and enhances one’s ability to synthesize information. It can help writers and artists find new inspiration.
In business, it can accelerate the accumulation of wealth and the implementation of new ideas.

"This information is for research purposes only and should not be construed as medical recommendations for any disease or symptom. It is not intended to provide medical advice. Consult a licensed healthcare professional for treatment."