Lepidolite Doughnut

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This is a natural piece of Lepidolite with deep pink coloring which has been shaped and polished into a lovely doughnut. Many people use this as a pocket stone or can be worn as a necklace.

LEPIDOLITE is a potassium lithium aluminum silicate with a monoclinic crystal system and a hardness of 2.5 to 3. Its color is most often pink, purplish or lavender.

Lepidolite has been found in Africa, Brazil, Greenland and the USA.

Lepidolite is a lithium-rich mica known for its pink and lilac colors. It is a common matrix mineral to Tourmaline and Quartz, providing them with a very aesthetic and glittery base. Lepidolite is mined as a source of the element lithium. Fine-grained masses are sometimes polished into ornaments such as eggs and animal carvings.

The average size & weight of this dougnut are:
46mm x 4mm x 46mm & 19g


The following information is courtesy of "The Pocket Book of Stones" which we also sell HERE 

  • KEY WORDS Emotional healing and balance, purification, serenity, relaxation, stress relief
  • CHAKRAS All, especially Heart (4th)and Third Eye (6th)
  • ELEMENT Water
  • PHYSICAL Spiritually aids recovery from insomnia and stress-related disorders
  • EMOTIONAL Supports emotional balance and helps dispel worry.
  • SPIRITUAL Inspires serenity, aids spiritual purification, deepens meditation.


Lepidolite is effective in calming frayed nerves, helping one to release stress and worry, and setting one on the path of willing acceptance.

Lepidolite not only brings calm to stormy emotional seas, it also provides an energy of enlightened awareness that keeps one “on the beam” so one can handle the situation in the highest way.

Lepidolite is a stone of serenity. It encourages one to respond to hostility without putting up defenses, to find the path of harmonious action and to see problems as opportunities to learn.

Lepidolite is also a stone of spiritual purification, and meditation with it can clear blocked energies in any of the chakras and throughout the meridian system. It can dispel negative thoughts and remove negative emotional attachments.

"This information is for research purposes only and should not be construed as medical recommendations for any disease or symptom. It is not intended to provide medical advice. Consult a licensed healthcare professional for treatment."