Kauri Gum 50g Lot

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This listing is for a 50 gram lot of beautiful New Zealand Amber / Kauri Gum / Kiwi Copal, natural, rough, unpolished.

Exactly 50 grams pictured in hand.

There are many stunning, deep color, transparent pieces and a few opaque pieces in each randomly selected 50g lot.

Some pieces may even contain pieces of tree bark, insects, bugs & spider webs thousands to millions of years old!

Kauri gum (/kˈri/[1] is a fossilised resin extracted from kauri trees (Agathis australis), which is made into crafts & jewellery. Kauri forests once covered much of the North Island of New Zealand, before Māori and European settlers caused deforestation, causing several areas to revert to sand dunes, scrubs, and swamps

Kauri gum formed when resin from kauri trees leaked out through fractures or cracks in the bark, hardening with the exposure to air. Lumps commonly fell to the ground and became covered with soil and forest litter, eventually fossilising. Other lumps formed as branches forked or trees were damaged, which released the resin.