Herkimer Diamond Quartz lot

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This is a 60 gram lot of "Herkimer Diamond" Quartz Crystals from the Himalayas, so strictly speaking they should not be called "Herkimer Diamonds" seeing as they are not from Herkimer County in New York, but because they are the exact same mineral, only from a different location, we call them that.

The average 60 gram lot contains about 50 individual crystals ranging in size from 5mm to 30mm.


The following information is courtesy of "The Pocket Book of Stones" which we also sell HERE

  • KEY WORDS Inner Light, visionary experiences,activation of brain capacities, enhanced crystalline coherence, links to Lemuria
  • CHAKRAS Third Eye (6th), Crown (7th), Mouth of God, and the whole brain
  • ELEMENTS Wind, Storm
  • PHYSICAL Supports the brain and central nervous system, may aid in overcoming brain dysfunctions
  • EMOTIONAL Offers the experience of expanded consciousness as pure pleasure 
  • SPIRITUAL Stimulates visionary experience, triggers the Mouth of God energy point 

HERKIMER QUARTZ “DIAMONDS” are a type of Quartz crystal with a hexagonal crystal system and a hardness of about 7.5 (harder than most Quartz).

They are found in and around Herkimer, New York, USA. These crystals are manifestations of pure, solidified spiritual Light.

They emanate a high, harmonious energy that positively “sings” on the upper levels of the Quartz vibrational spectrum.

Herkimers are ideal for body layouts, dream work, meditation pieces, jewelry, templates, energy tools or just about any other application. They not only broadcast their own energies— they can also pick up and magnify the frequencies of other stones.

Herkimers emanate the brightest crystal Light, and they help purify one’s energy field and attune one to the white Light of the Divine essence.

Wearing Herkimer “Diamonds” can give one the grace of a constant, almost subliminal connection to the higher spiritual domains. Angels are drawn to the pure etheric radiance emanated by these stones, and Herkimers can therefore be used as aids for those who wish to communicate or commune with the angels.

They are also ideal stones for lucid dreaming and other types of dream work.


    "This information is for research purposes only and should not be construed as medical recommendations for any disease or symptom. It is not intended to provide medical advice. Consult a licensed healthcare professional for treatment."