Heliophora Orbicularis (Sand Dollar) Fossil

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An interesting little Sand Dollar Fossil which was sourced from Morocco.

Heliophora orbicularis is a small sand dollar in to the family Rotulidae, and the only species in the genus Heliophora. It, and other members of Rotulidae have been found in West African marine strata from the Late Miocene onward.

Individuals of H. orbicularis are very distinctive in appearance and also highly morphic, with a remarkable diversity in individual specimens. This genus has an extremely variable circular to oval-shaped test. The indentations may remain restricted to the posterior edge or may be found along the entire margin of the test. The indentations may be very shallow or quite deep, forming long "fingers," or digits. The digits are very fragile, and prone to breaking off.

Length: 40mm

Width: 35mm

Height: 15mm

Weight: 8g