Heliodor Crystal 302g

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This is a very big, natural, uncut or polished Heliodor Crystal from Brazil, it is not of gem quality, but would make for a great addition to any collection!

Length: 52mm
Width: 41mm
Height: 93mm

Weight: 302g


The following information is courtesy of "The Pocket Book of Stones" which we also sell HERE

HELIODOR is a golden yellow variety of Beryl, a beryllium aluminum silicate mineral with a hexagonal crystal system and a hardness of 7.5 to 8. Its name is derived from Greek words meaning “ gift of the Sun.” It is found in Brazil, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Madagascar and Namibia.


KEY WORDS Activation of mind and will

CHAKRAS Solar Plexus (3rd)


PHYSICAL Supports digestion and assimilation, healing gastric disorders

EMOTIONAL Brings possibility, hope and vitality to the emotional body

SPIRITUAL Aids in achieving the highest spiritual aspirations


Heliodor is a potent ally for the development of personal power through the activation of the mind and the appropriate use of will. It helps one focus at the solar plexus—the chakra through which one can channel spiritual energies into physical reality. It emphasizes the qualities of assertiveness, self confidence, physical and mental strength, manifestation, discrimination, benevolence and power.

Heliodor is a stone of higher consciousness and physical well-being. It can bring us more abundant awareness and more vibrant life. Heliodor can revitalize one when one ’ s energies are low. It can help one rediscover one’s sense of purpose and assist one in finding the willpower to move forward with one’s mission in life. It hones the intellect from the inside out, creating vibrational alignment of the mental centers in the etheric body....

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