Greenstone (Nephrite Jade) Studs

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A nice set of New Zealand Greenstone or Pounamu stud earrings. 

8mm round studs

Greenstone or Pounamu refers to several types of hard, durable and highly valued nephrite jade, bowenite, or serpentine stone found in southern New Zealand.

Greenstone is commonly found as nondescript river rocks which are very hard to identify without being cut open.

There are two systems for classifying Pounamu. Geologically, the rock falls into the three categories named above, but Māori classify Pounamu by appearance.

The main classifications are kawakawa, kahurangi, īnanga, and tangiwai. The first three are nephrite jade, while tangiwai is a form of bowenite.

  • Īnanga pounamu takes its name from a native freshwater fish (Galaxias maculatus) and is pearly-white or grey-green in colour and varies from translucent to opaque.
  • Kahurangi pounamu is highly translucent and has a vivid shade of green. It is named after the clearness of the sky and is the rarest variety of pounamu.
  • Kawakawa pounamu comes in many shades, often with flecks or inclusions, and is named after the leaves of the native kawakawa tree (Macropiper excelsum). It is the most common variety of pounamu.

Tangiwai pounamu is clear like glass but in a wide range of shades. The name comes from the word for the tears that come from great sorrow. 

The following information is courtesy of "The Pocket Book of Stones" which we also sell HERE

  • KEY WORDS Life Force, personal power, magic,vitality, longevity, self-loyalty and self-love, inner radiance
  • CHAKRAS Heart (4th), Third Eye (6th)
  • ELEMENTS Earth, Water, Fire
  • PHYSICAL Supports the heart, lungs and circulatory system, offers great quantities of chi
  • EMOTIONAL Inspires powerful self-loyalty and self-love.
  • SPIRITUAL Stimulates Life Force and power in oneself,aids in doing real magic,and can link one to spiritual helpers from ancient New Zealand.

GREENSTONE is a name given to certain green gemstones native to New Zealand, including both nephrites and serpentines. The hardness can range from 3 to 7. The Maori people have long revered Greenstone, naming it Pounamu, “a stone of the wairua” the world of the spirit realm that surrounds all.

Greenstone is a stone of life, and emanates currents of strong Life Force energies. It is a stone of longevity, and can be used in healing work to implant the vibrations of vitality and program the body for long life.

Greenstone is also a stone of power. Its currents easily enter one’s energy field through the heart or the third eye, filling one’s auric field with strength and vitality. It stimulates the emotions of courage, loyalty, passion and freedom,and brings to consciousness how important it is to honor each of them. It is a stone of magic, capable of transferring power to the one who carries it.

Greenstone is linked to the ancient peoples of New Zealand, and enables one to call upon their spirits for aid, In healing.

Greenstone acts as a fountain of vitality, helping one overcome fatigue and stress. It supports the heart, lungs, and circulatory system. It can clear congested energies and purify the auric field. It helps one find the deep self- loyalty to release unhealthy relationships, bad habits, self doubt, anxiety and/or depression.


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