Clear Quartz Vogel Wand 24 Sides

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This is a 24 sided Vogel cut Clear Quartz with exceptional clarity and almost no discernible flaws. An exquisite hand crafted piece.

Vogel Crystals are quartz crystals that have been hand cut in conformance to the findings and teachings of Marcel Vogel.

Marcel Vogel was a research scientist with IBM for many years and holds a number of patents in the field of luminescence. He spent the later years of his life exploring the powers of quartz crystals.

Vogel believed that his designs could be used to amplify and focus energy that you wish to direct and allow your thoughts to enter the crystal at the receptive end, be amplified and focused as it travels in a circular pattern through the crystal, and be transmitted like a laser beam from the focal end.

Length: 70mm
Width: 30mm
Height: 30mm
Weight: 70g