Boulder Opal Pendant

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This elegant pendant features an oval Boulder Opal cabochon with multiple bands of bright & colourful Opal veining, below that is a pretty little Pink Tourmaline faceted gem and below that a Top Grade, Natural Citrine oval cabochon, all set in Sterling Silver.

Boulder opal is one of the most valuable varieties of opal, second only to Australia's Black opal. Fine specimens of boulder opal can exhibit all of the spectral colors through their distinct play of color.

Boulder Opal may be considered to be less valuable than black opal, but it is actually much rarer. Boulder opal accounts for approximately 2% of all of Australia's Opal, however, black opal equates to around 8% of the entire yield. The remaining 90% is Common Opal, often referred to as 'potch' or 'White Opal'. 

Boulder opal is found embedded in large boulders of ironstone, which is how it earned its name. Occurring as pebble rock, precious opal develops within thin veins, fissures and hollows. As opal miners attempt to remove the embedded opal from the ironstone, some of the host matrix is preserved during the process. For this reason, boulder opal is sometimes referred to as 'Opal Matrix'.  The ironstone matrix enhances the stones durability and vibrancy of color, often increasing the desirable effects of 'play of color' and 'opalescence', which are two different optical phenomenon, commonly mistaken for being one and the same. Boulder opal is similar to layered Opal Doublet, but rather than being assembled, boulder opal's layering is a natural occurrence.

Pendant diameter: 20x9x55mm
Opal Diameter: 8x5x10mm

The following information is courtesy of "The Pocket Book of Stones" which we also sell HERE


  • KEY WORDS Intensification of emotions, purification
  • ELEMENT Water
  • PHYSICAL Supports healing through release of negative patterns,aids with skin issues
  • EMOTIONAL Powerfully stimulates emotional clearing and healing
  • SPIRITUAL Facilitates inner cleansing that leads to link with the Higher Self

Precious Opal carries a seed of the “holy fire,” the intense spiritual energy that consumes the impure aspects of the self without necessarily “burning” us.

The more willing we are to release our attachments to our angers, fears or other negative patterns, the better it can work. If we stubbornly hold on, of course, the release of even unhealthy energies can feel quite painful.

White Precious Opal is an emotional amplifier—it can intensify both the positive and negative states. In each case, there is a benefit. With positive emotions, the reward is obvious. But with negative feelings, the magnification can make one fully aware of the destruction such indulgences can bring about—and this helps one agree to release them. White Precious Opal can be a warm, friendly teacher or a severe one. It all depends on what we bring with us to the experience.

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