Aroha Stone / NZ Love Stone 248g

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This is a stunning river tumbled Aroha Stone, which is a Highly Altered Piemontite Schist found only in parts of Otago & Southland in New Zealand.

These stunning pale pink to dark purple stones are absolutely covered in tiny bits of Mica throughout which gives them their famous glimmer or shimmer.

The word Aroha means Love or Compassion in New Zealand's native Maori tongue.

These beautiful River Tumbled native stones are often given as a gift to a loved one or to someone in need of love or compassion. 

Piemontite was first recorded in New Zealand as quartz-muscovite-piemontite schist boulders from the Shotover River in the stunning mountains of Central Otago, southern New Zealand.

Aroha Stones look especially stunning when they're wet!! It is photographed both wet and dry.

Length: 105mm
Width: 70mm
Height: 22mm
Weight: 248g