Alexandrite Crystal Cluster

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This is a 28.3ct natural Alexandrite cluster specimen. This piece was sourced from Masvingo, Zimbabwe, Africa.

Alexandrite is a color changing variety of Chrysoberyl. The color of Alexandrite changes under different lighting conditions. If viewed in daylight, its color is greenish blue to dark yellow-green. If viewed in incandescent or candle light, its color is pink to red. Alexandrite is a very rare and highly valuable gemstone, and until recently was extremely difficult to obtain due to its rarity.

Zero gravity stands are also available for purchase and make exceptional three dimensional displays for small crystals such as these. Follow this link for more details; Specimen Displays

The crystal measures 20x20x12mm

The following information is courtesy of "The Pocket Book of Stones" which we also sell HERE

  • KEY WORDS Joy and wisdom, release of sorrow
  • CHAKRAS Heart (4th), Third Eye (6th), Crown (7th)
  • ELEMENT Wind, Water
  • PHYSICAL Stimulates pineal and pituitary glands, helps balance brain functions
  • EMOTIONAL Aids with relieving stress, encouraging trust, awakening joy
  • SPIRITUAL Enhancing awareness of Divine Love, recalling past lives,accessing Akashic records

It is true that Alexandrites are stones of joy, and for that reason they ought to be taken seriously. These stones have a connection to Source energies of the higher dimensions, where the atmosphere is most rapturous. However, one must be careful to do more than just enjoy the happy feelings.

Alexandrite’s window to the ecstasies of the higher realms can and should be the springboard to inner exploration. Alexandrite invites one on a quest into the Self. It can help one realize that the joy of the celestial realms is also simultaneously here at every moment, and one’s reality depends greatly upon the levels at which one chooses to receive.

Alexandrite teaches us to take in all energies that come to us, to transmute them into such harmony and beauty as is possible, and to do this with the inner resilience of a commitment to joy. This commitment, with the assistance of Alexandrite’s link to the higher realms, makes us into sources, rather than mere receivers, of joy.

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