Crystals, Fossils & Jewellery from around the world



As a young boy, I was out playing on the outskirts of the little mining town I grew up in, when I picked up a cool looking rock.....

After getting my dad to inspect it, this weird, shiny rock which was unbelievably soft and flaky turned out to be a piece of Feldspar with a Mica Book sticking out of it. I was Instantly hooked!

I immediately started collecting rocks from all over the country and as I got into my teens I started collecting them from all over the world, thanks to the Internet. My passion for Minerals and Crystals and Fossils just grew stronger and stronger as I got older.



I finally made the big move from Africa to New Zealand in my mid 20's and here I got a job working with my beloved rocks every single day at a Crystal wholesaler.

After spending a few years in the Wholesale industry, I decided to move into the Retail sector & open a Crystal Shop, so Earth's Treasures was born at the end of 2014.

I soon realised that running a retail store was not what I hoped it would be, so I quickly started building a website, which took off surprisingly well!

Two years later, we had a fresh new website built, after a few months of tweaking and working on the new site, we have finally reached a point where we no longer need a physical, brick & mortar retail store....

At the end of May 2018 we closed our physical store down, so now ALL our attention is focused on

Earth's Treasures is an online store based in New Zealand. We ship worldwide!



We try our best to be as Green and Sustainable as possible in this otherwise Plastics ruled world. We only source our Minerals, Fossils & Jewellery from reputable suppliers and we always try to find out where exactly our items come from.

We have access to some of the most amazing pieces in the world, even if we don't have them on our website. 

Always be sure to ask if there is anything specific you are looking for or something special you have wanted for a long time, we will make it our mission to source it for you!